As this is usually my busiest time of the season for Prom and Grad dress purchases, it has certainly been on my mind: how can we celebrate the CLASS OF 2020, given the reality that these events will likely be postponed? What could you do as a parent/friend/family member that could boost the spirits of these young ladies and help them experience, in some way, these important rites of passage? Let's give them a day they can remember with the best memories ever! Here are some ideas:

1. Virtual Prom/Grad - use Zoom/other real-time apps to help friends celebrate together. Create a THEME for the event and decorate! Wear your dress, do your hair and makeup, create a playlist and have everyone contribute a their favourite song (their song suggestion is their ticket for the event), decorate your room and make it feel festive with treats.

2. Get ready with your friends - why not share the "getting ready" experience via Zoom or Skype. You can still laugh, cry, and dance together.

3. Take pictures. Doesn't matter if it's professionally done or on a iPhone, let's remember this event with some photo evidence!

4. Video - make a recording of your daughter coming down the stairs as she "reveals" her prom/grad look to her family and friends (virtually).

5. Choose the date, send out virtual invites to family and have a zoom dinner party! The great news is that you can do this when it warms up outside - so use your backyard and create a spectacular outdoor event. Be creative, use homemade crafts like candles in bottles and hang them from trees. Print out pictures of your friends and hang them from branches or spin them around your trees so they can be with you. Have a s'mores party with your family. Watch a movie outside.

6. Decorate the front door with a collage of your daughter's academic, sports and artistic accomplishments. Decorate your front lawn - tell everyone that you are celebrating a special day. Consider your own: add photos, mementos, and let other parents know!

7. Have your daughter stand outside, and have family & friends do a drive by so they can partake in the festivities and take some pictures. Of course, keeping distance at a maximum!

8. Create a social media account so the young ladies can post their pictures on their high school accounts - like a Yearbook of sorts! Take a Zoom screenshot and then send the file to all your friends.

Let's give this CLASS of 2020 something to celebrate! Use your got this!


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